Why People Aren’t Getting Vaccinated

vaccineFall is here and that can only mean one thing: flu season is on its way. One question that many parents face is whether to vaccinate their children or not. There are many convincing reasons to vaccinate your children from doctors, healthcare providers and the media, and what parent doesn’t want to protect their child from illness? However, there are many things parents don’t know or consider before making the decision to vaccinate their children. While healthcare professionals, the media and others may be informing you of the benefits of vaccines, there are solid reasons to say no to vaccines. Albert and Lisa Claire Dwoskin of the Dwoskin Family Foundation support vaccine efficacy and research the approach to health and provide the following reasons why.

Vaccines are full of Bacteria, Chemicals and Other Items

Do you even know what vaccines contain? Usually we’re told that they contain bacteria or chemicals – but what exactly are those items? After all, if you’re going to be injected with something shouldn’t you know what it is? Vaccines contain many different ingredients, which can be damaging to your body. These include aluminum, which has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and seizures, formaldehyde which can be cancer causing, glycerin which is toxic to your liver and kidneys, acetone which is used in nail polish remover and thimerosol which is more toxic that mercury, and many more. Can you imagine injecting these ingredients into yourself or your child?

Getting Vaccinated Doesn’t Guarantee You Won’t Get Sick

People get vaccinated in order to avoid the flu. However, there is no 100% effectiveness in getting vaccinated. You can get vaccinated and still wind up with the flu. This means you injected bacteria into your body only to become ill anyway.

Many Vaccines Have Been Removed from the Market

Did you know that there are many vaccines that have been removed due to problems experienced when using them? In 1999 the Rotavirus vaccine was removed from the market due to a link between the vaccine and bowel obstruction that was life threatening. A few year later in 2002, the Lyme Disease vaccine was taken off the market because individuals citied symptoms of extremely painful arthritis and neurological impairment. These are only a few examples as many other vaccines have been reported by individuals and removed due to emerging problems. When it comes to vaccines, there is no guarantee that you won’t experience problems.

You Can Get Vaccinated, but You Can’t Get Unvaccinated

So, should you vaccinate yourself and/or your child or not? Again, the decision is yours, but remember that once you get vaccinated it cannot be undone. When receiving a vaccine, bacteria and other items are now in your system. If you’re not sure what to do, it’s safe not to do anything. Delaying the decision can be advantageous to children since it gives your child’s immune system time to develop, in which the better it is able to handle illness.

Why People Aren’t Getting Vaccinated

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